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When it comes to buying property, time is often of the essence.

Whether the auction is fast approaching, or you’re competing with another buyer on a private sale, you want to make sure you’re in a position to make the best possible decision as quickly as possible.

But before you can possibly make the right decision, you need to have all the information at your disposal.

And you can’t possibly have all the information at your disposal if you haven’t conducted a building inspection.

When it comes to building a new house, a same-day building inspection report can also ensure you are well aware of any structural issues as early as possible at various stages of the build, helping you to keep your builder accountable and ensuring a far cleaner handover upon completion. 


The Master Property Inspections Advantage

At Master Property Inspections, we have over 30 years of building experience and can help provide you with a wide range of building inspection reports. 

Our team has dedicated itself to perfecting our reporting systems and processes, as well as ensuring our reports are easy to understand without cutting corners on the crucial details, to the point where we can proudly offer same-day building reports.

In fact, we can turnaround most of our building reports within two hours (yes, you read that correctly) of completing the inspection. 

Even if you don’t receive your report within two hours of inspection, you will certainly receive it on the same day.

Our founder, Les, will not accept any less from himself or his team.

We have made this possible by spending years working with our IT application providers to ensure our building consultants are able to complete 80 per cent of their report whilst on-site and conducting their inspection.

This means your consultant is able to get all the detail into their report whilst they are on-site, rather than the old-school method of taking photos and notes and then having to remember all the little details that count when they get back to the office.

In doing so, we have created a process that ensures

  • Far greater accuracy and detail in our reports
  • Far greater efficiencies in report turnover time
  • Far better communication with our clients

When you get your building inspection and report completed with Master Property Inspections you get more than just a report, too.

You can expect a detailed conversation with your appointed consultant, running you through the detail of the report to ensure you completely understand the content of the report and any areas of particular concern.


Same-day pre-purchase building reports

A Master Property Inspection building report can help you identify:

Major Structural Building defects

  • Dangerous electrical and fire safety hazards, if you choose to add an electrical inspection to your report.
  • Termites and other timber issues
  • Pests
  • Serious movement to the building or flooring, known as subsidence.
  • Asbestos
  • Drainage issues
  • Minor maintenance issues

And much more.


Same-day reporting is crucial because when it comes to buying existing properties, you want to have all the information about the property you are purchasing before you make a decision. 

We also go above and beyond the call of duty and pride ourselves on detailing minor maintenance defects which are over and above the pre-purchase Australian standards.

A same-day property inspection report could help you:

  • Negotiate a better price
  • Negotiate amendments to the contract of sale
  • Ensure issues are fixed BEFORE you settle
  • Avoid a costly mistake altogether


Same-Day Building Reports for New Construction


Master Property Inspections can help keep your new building on-track and keep you informed on the progress of your build with fiercely independent same-day building reports. 

Just like our pre-purchase property inspections, you can expect through inspections and reporting, as well as detailed conversations with your appointed consultant to ensure you understand the report you have received and the details within it.

When it comes to same-day reporting for new builds, our reports can help you:

  • Identify issues as early as possible, at various stages of the build
  • Keep your builder accountable
  • Ensure your new building is defect-free
  • Ensure a better handover upon completion


Why you should trust Master Property Inspections with your same-day building report needs.

At Master Property Inspections we pride ourselves on our thoroughness and attention-to-detail. 

Les Camilleri, our founder and principal inspector, brings over 30 years of building experience to your next property inspection.

As well as holding the required building consultant accreditation, Les has the huge advantage of being qualified as an A-Grade electrician, Les is particularly proficient when it comes to inspecting and reporting on a structure’s wiring and electrical set-up.

Wiring and electrical issues can often be hard to detect but are one of the most common fire hazards in properties.

Les’ keen eye for detail and experience in this space in particular means you won’t get caught out with any hidden dangers.

The Master Property Inspections team can provide the following same-day reports:

  • Pre-Purchase Building for Major (Structural) Safety and Minor Defects
  • Termite & Timber pests
  • Dilapidation
  • Asbestos and Lab Testing
  • Electrical Inspections for defective wiring and defective workmanship and Safety Switchboard Testing


Our commitment to service means Les will not tolerate anything than the absolute best for his customers, meaning you can expect high-quality inspections, reporting and communication from every job we work on.

Get in touch with us today to arrange your next building inspection and report.

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