FRAME Sample-Frame Report

We examine the frame to ensure that it is structurally sound, as together with the slab it forms the foundations of your home.

We are inspecting:

↳  Junctions.
↳ Load paths.
↳ Noggins.
↳ Bulkheads (if installed).
↳ Nails and other connections.
↳ Bracing components.
↳ Wall straightening (plumb).
↳ Brackets and other connections.
↳ Appropriate use of correct materials and signs of weathering.

The frame is generally required to be inspected upon completion once the roof trusses are installed and all frame items have been braced off.

No sisilation wrapping is to be on the dwelling at the time of this inspection as is can hinder our view checking the bracing on the outside of the frame.

If the roof tilers are scheduled to be on site at the time we are to conduct our inspection, we will not enter the site due to OH&S restrictions.

The inspection is best carried out prior to any roof installation and/or once completed. It is always best without so that all defects can be rectified prior to any weight load being installed on the roof.

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