Under the new rental laws

(Residential Tenancies act 2021,REIV Schedule 4, Regulation 29), rental providers (landlords) must ensure that their rental property meets certain minimum standards. Sample Report

The minimum standards ( Residential Tenancies act 2021,REIV Schedule 4, Regulation 29) cover basic but important requirements relating to amenity, safety and privacy, and rental providers owe a duty to ensure their property meets these standards. The minimum standards apply to rental agreements signed on or after 29 March 2021 for all housing and apartments.

All rental properties must comply with the rental minimum standards ( Residential Tenancies act 2021,REIV Schedule 4, Regulation 29). There are 14 categories

The penalties for non-compliance to the new reforms are increasing as a result of substantial research that a large number of Victorian rental providers were not undertaking the recommended safety maintenance and were providing poor living conditions to renters.

Master property inspections building consultants are experienced and dedicated to the field as we provide complete professional building reports for Houses and apartments.

We can assist the rental provider (landlord) with any of the repairs that were found in our reports.

Our reports are over and above the standard rental minimum standards act as we also supply photos so the rental provider (landlord) will have additional information which we can assist them with as well to understand the repairs.

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