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In situations where building disputes cannot be resolved. you may need some advice and guidance on your next Steps that are available through legal means, such as the VCAT Tribunal. In such cases, an expert opinion relevant to the issues may be required to support the application. There are two ways expert evidence is presented to VCAT, which includes providing Expert Evidence in the form of a written report and/or providing an Expert Witness to support your findings and attend the hearing.

Written Report Sample Report

Expert evidence may be relied upon by the VCAT Tribunal to form an opinion about specific issues relating to the case. It will be presented in the form of a written report that is recommended by the Tribunal.

Master Property Inspections can prepare a detailed VCAT compliant legal document, outlining the defects in dispute, stating the facts and including an expert opinion about the matter

Expert Witness

In the event that an expert witness is required to attend your VCAT hearing our Building Consultants have the specialised knowledge, qualifications and experience to present evidence to the Tribunal.

An expert witness cannot act as an ‘advocate’ for one of the parties as such. The expert witness has a duty to VCAT to provide fair and unbiased evidence. Their knowledge, training and experience can be invaluable in supporting an argument.


The costs to engage our services will be discussed with you upon application and will be dependent on the amount of time required to prepare the expert evidence and/or act as an expert witness in a court hearing.

Why engage Master Property Inspections to provide expert evidence for VCAT?

Our Building Consultants have extensive knowledge and experience in guiding, preparing and supporting clients through the VCAT process.

We can prepare a written detailed report that complies with VCAT standards to help support your application.

We can commence the process with a Special Purpose inspection and then upgrade to a VCAT package if the situation escalates.

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