Pre paint

PRE PAINT Sample Report

With a Pre Paint/Fixing inspection please refer to the guideline below in scheduling this inspection:

↳ Prior to any paintwork commencing or flooring having been installed.
Preferably post cabinet installation, however we can proceed without them.
Plaster work must be fully completed (stopped up) including pre paint fixes.
All architraves, skirting and doors should be installed and in place. 

This inspection covers all aspects of the plaster work as well as the skirting, architraves and cornices. We will check all doors & windows as well as fittings and fixtures including all cabinetry. We will also further inspect the brickwork following on from the Pre Plaster inspection. All defects outstanding from your Pre Plaster/Lockup inspection will also be checked and addressed within this report.

If the waterproofing has been completed and is able to be inspected at this time, we are able to combine this with your Pre Paint/Fixing inspection for the reduced price.

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